XYZ B-to-C Services

Summary:  XYZ is B-C service company seeking to increase online lead generation.  This is a perfect example of a client who thought they could save money after the engagement with in house PPC management.  After 8 month of continued success and an almost 500% increase (started at 100 leads/month, ended at 500 leads/month) in the number of inbound leads, XYZ pulled the plug on the program to bring it in house.  Immediately, traffic and conversions decreased by over 30% (to 300 leads a month at the same advertising expense) in just 30 days!  That’s a big price to pay for a small monthly SEM management expense savings…

Time Period: 8 months
Product: Business to Consumer Service Business,  Need customers to make appointments
Engagement: Google, PPC management to improve Sales and Return on Ad Spend.
Tactics: Keyword Development of long tail keywords and ad groups to create targeted demand, lower CPCs, and higher Click-Thru rates.  Massive overhaul of account organization and bidding structure.
Results:  See below for Improvements.
Metric Improved Campaign Enhancements
Conversions 230% (Increase in Orders)
Clicks 151% (Increase in Traffic)
Leads 472% (Increase in Revenue of over 5x)
ROAS (Revenue/Cost) 60% (Increase in Program Profitability)
Cost Per Sale -56% (Decrease in Ad Cost Per Acquistion or CPA)