TVLiftCabinet, Inc.

Time Period: May 2009 to Present

Product Line: High Quality TV Lift Cabinets, Uplift mechanisms, and Foot of the Bed TV Lifts

Engagement: Google, Yahoo, MSN PPC management, shopping comparison feed management, and other lead generation vehicles, including:  Retargeting, Social Media Ads, Amazon, & eBay PPC to improve Sales and Return on Ad Spend.

Tactics: Keyword Development of various ways people describe the Television Lift Cabinet (ie Pop Up, Motorized, Armoire, Hide TV, etc.).  We also added Product specific brand campaigns and ad groups to capture the power of this up and coming brand.  Thus far, we have created an account containing over 25,000 keywords in 56 ad groups with alternative targeted way to describe this specialized product.  In addition, we completed a massive overhaul of the organization of the account and realigned the bids for a nice balance between profitability and increased revenue.  How many ways can you think of to say TV?   Television, Flat Screen, LCD, Plasma, LED…

Results: The below reflect the variance in Metrics between May 2010 and May 2009.

Metric Improved Campaign Enhancements
Web Conversions 170% (Increase in Orders by almost 2x)
Clicks 6% (Increase in Traffic)
Total Cost 24% (Increase)
Web Sales 178% (Increase in Revenue by almost 2x)
ROAS (Revenue/Cost) 125% (Increase in Program Profitability)
Conversion Rate 154% (Increase in Clicks/Order)
Cost Per Sale -4% (Decrease in Ad Cost Per Acquistion or CPA)