Time Period: 2 years

Product Line: Software and Hardware at Academic Discounts

Engagement:  Google, Yahoo, MSN PPC management, Shopping Comparision Engine Feed (SCEs) Optimization, Affiliate Program launch and enhancement, and improvement of natural search traffic and rankings through SEO (12 months).

Tactics: We expanded the fledgling SEM campaign into an optimized, mature program, launching $1M+ annually in advertising programs on Google, Yahoo, MSN, Amazon’s Clickriver, &  The finished account contained over 1200 ad groups and 22,000 keywords with a focus on software brand names and titles.  “Academic” or “student discount” were called out in the ad copy to decrease visitors not eligible for the pricing.  We also deployed all Shopping Comparison Engine feeds.  During the course of the project, we managed all campaigns to a 6-10x Return on Ad Spend (Revenue/Cost), depending on management objectives.  We performed multivariate testing & analysis of high traffic pages and landing page optimization with thorough testing using Google Optimizer and Google Analytics.  Lastly, we created an affilate program through Commission Junction.  In short, we pulled every marketing lever possible.


  • Increased top line web sales from $3.8M Annually to $13.9M Annually in 2 years (263% increase)
  • Increased unique visitors from 700,000 Annually to 2.3 M Annually in 2 years (231% increase)
  • Increase natural/organic traffic search by 66% in 12 months.
  • Generated $1M in 12 months for affiliate marketing program, recruiting 4,000 affiliates