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Time Period: 6 months

Product Line: Custom Framed Art Prints

Engagement:  Google and Yahoo PPC management to improve Sales and Return on Ad Spend.

Tactics: Keyword Development of artist specific keywords and ad groups to create targeted demand, lower CPCs, and higher Click-Thru rates.  Over the course of the project we created an account containing over 51,000 keywords and 1400 adgroups.


Metric Improved Campaign Enhancements
Conversions 398% (Increase in Orders of 4x)
Clicks 143% (Increase in Traffic)
Cost per Click -18% (Decrease in CPC)
Total Cost 98% (Increase)
Sales 317% (Increase in Revenue of over 3x)
ROAS (Revenue/Cost) 129% (Increase in Program Profitability)
Conversion Rate 105% (Increase in Clicks/Order)
Cost Per Sale -60% (Decrease in Ad Cost Per Acquistion or CPA)